by Blizzard at Sea

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released December 12, 2016

Rachel Bjerke - bass guitar
Martin Murray - solos on Manufactured Obsolescence
Steven Douglas Ross - guitar, vocals
Pat Took - drums

Recorded in August of 2016 at Flat Black Studios, IA.
Engineered by Dana T.
Additional recording in September of 2016 with Dustin Sisson in Madision, WI.
Mixed and mastered by Dustin Sisson
All songs by Blizzard at Sea
Lyrics by Steven Douglas Ross
Artwork by Steven Douglas Ross


all rights reserved



Blizzard at Sea Iowa City, Iowa

We love hearing from our fans! Reach us with questions, comments, and reviews at

Blizzard at Sea is a band that plays a dynamic blend of sludge, progressive, and post-metal.

Blizzard at Sea has released two full-length albums, Certain Structures and Ruminations, as well as full-album music videos to compliment the entirety of their two EPs.
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Track Name: Thicket
Deep amongst equations
Written in the heavens
A force outside of time
Holy Mountains unbind

Emgergent properties
Influence history
Ancient complexity
Enters infinity

Thorougly convincing
Structures underlying
Nested simulations
Conjuring Illusions

The essence that gives form to all things
The dark sea wherein light roils
The source from which simulacra emerge
The dark sea wherein light roils

Thicket forms entropy
Thicket shapes gravity
Thicket gave life to thee
Structures reality
Track Name: Degenerate Binary System
Mass transfer
One star consumes another

Orbiting closely
Bound by gravity

Destined sequence
Stellar remnants unbind
Track Name: Manufactured Obsolescence
The idea took hold of me
That I had expressed all I was meant to convey
The cosmos was finished with me
And all I had left was to watch it slip away
Shining, as if meant to be

The fractals unfold before me
Holy Mountains stretch to the sea
I hide myself in the beauty
And transient grace of the evolving symmetry
Shining, as if meant to be
Track Name: Third-Order Simulacra
Ritual digital communion
Shamanic ascension into cyberspace

Collections of consumed media
We are drawn into the screens glowing before us

Truly, we could know it all, but would it be enough?

I remember the dream
A distant reality
Shimmering seas of golden green

I receed from the space
Where subject meets object
Cast off from thee, I drift endlessly

I stare into the sun
Pulling out all my hair
Nothing saved me, I return to the sea
Track Name: Arbitrary Abjection
Release me from thinking
Release me from needing meaning
Silently suffering, could this be my destiny?

Release me from thinking
Release me from needing meaning
Believing in nothing, could this be my destiny?

This time is mine to use
I'm here to pay my dues

The cosmos awakens and begins to understand itself
The strange creeping pressure enters into my mind again
The shadows in the cave no longer suspend my disbelief
The cosmos awakens and begins to understand all else